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Guaranteed Google Map Local SEO Strategy

Get your business ranked in the Google Map 3 pack within 30 days or your money back!

Do you want to increase your GMB rankings and gain leads and sales?

When a potential customer performs a local search, two organic sections are typically triggered and returned on Google’s search engine results page (SERP). They are the search results and the map results commonly referred to as the Map Pack.

The reason why the three spots in the Map Pack are so highly coveted by local business owners is that they stand out from normal search results and are located at the top of the search engine results page just after the paid advertisements.

More importantly, they give small & medium-sized business owners just like you an opportunity to compete with national competitors in their home town (and beyond).

“I could not believe it! I have tried lots of companies and spent alot of money without results. FINALLY found a company that has put my business at the top of the maps and my phones are ringing off the hook. ”

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Google Map Citations

We create a Google custom map that targets the keywords that generate leads for your business.

Web 2.0 Backlinks

Manual High Frame Stacking Web 2.0 Map Embeds plus authority links back to your GMB Profile

Driving Direction & Social Signals

We add over 40 driving points in a 30 mile radius to your business location, as well as integrate your social media pages for SEO social signaling.

What We Will Do For You

High Quality Local Citations

Citations are the foundation of a successful Local Search campaign. If you’re opening a new location, a proper citation building campaign can speed up the discovery process for search engines and help establish local search traffic. If you have an established location, a recurring citation build can help boost both local and organic link signals to help you stay on page 1.

Web 2.0 Map & Video Embeds

Backlinks are the most important Rankings factor, Web 2.0 Blogs are the best way to boost your ranking quickly in search engines. It works for You and brings real organic traffic! Simply if you have more and better Links than your competitors, you will rank higher!

Foundation Links

If you want to rank organically on Google, you will need backlinks from high domain authority sites. These high-quality links will create a layer of trust around your brand and help boost both GMB and Website.

300 Local Citations

Using a 30 mile radius, we will create custom map pins with keywords that rank back to your GMB Profile

Guaranteed Top Placement

We guarantee at least 3 keywords in the Google Map 3 pack or your money back

Tracking & Reporting

Using our state of the art technology we have the ability to track your rankings with each keyword and geo location on the map.


More Satisfied Clients

We are in one of the most competitive markets for carpet cleaning and we needed more business. The results we got from SEO Online Experts is amazing and we have grown our business almost 300% since we started with them

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Get Started with Google Maps Domination!

From the moment we start we will make an impact. Very easy process on your end and we do all the heavy lifting. Don't wait any longer to grow your business and get the leads you have been looking for!

Google My Business Optimization

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  • Create Google Custom Maps targeting keywords that generate business for your company
  • Build Web 2.0 Backlinks to your GMB Listing to push the rankings
  • Create Map Pins on Google My Maps
  • Add Driving Directions from other locations to your business
  • Send Social Signals to your Google My Business listing and website.

Even More Map Domination

We cover a 30 Mile Radius with over 300 Citations ranking back to your Google My Business Profile.

Rank on the Google Map 3 Pack FAST! Increased listing visibility turns into increased leads for your business!

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing plugin, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.


What are the benefits of Geotagged Maps?

The benefits of geotagged map is that it will push the rankings of the GMB page on local 3-pack and local search results, it's a considered safe and white hat method since geotagged map is made from Google My Maps which is a product of Google itself. Now the benefit of ranking on local 3-pack and local search results is simply....traffic, whomever on the top will get the traffic from those who search on Google.

How to Boost and get the maximum potential of your geotagged maps?

To boost the geotagged map, you need more High-Quality Web 2.0 then embed the Map

and Youtube geotagged video, it will add boost on both geotagged map and geotagged

Youtube video through related niche web 2.0, since they are considered tier 2 backlinks, they

help the geotagged map to push the site on top of the local 3-pack/local search, it's

advisable most likely for keywords with medium to high competition.

How Does The Money Back Guarantee Work

If we do not get a minimum of 3 keywords in the Google Map 3 pack within 30 days from the start of your order, we will provide you with a full money back refund.

How you get your geotagged map indexed?

We get it indexed by using my service called "High Quality Web 2.0 + Map + Video Embeds" It makes the indexing a lot faster, although naturally it will get indexed after some few weeks, other took months, but with this it will make it indexed on Google and push the GMB rankings on top. Check out this one, Go to and search for "

mid=1f4MFVmIU0sFd8bxxB1Xm85BbbIYmwv3o&ll=30.619133684980987%2C-87.7472370552199&z=10" , you'll see that it was indexed.

Is this safe?

Our process is 100% White Hat and will not penalize you for any reason. We simply are using the tools that Google provides us using our proven ranking strategy.

How Long Does It Take?

In most cases we will get you ranking in as little as 14 to 21 days. It is an ongoing process but we guarantee a minimum of 3 keywords in the Google Map 3 pack within 30 days or your money back.

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